About Us

Jaipur Gem Factory (JGF) is one of the renowned names in Jewelry industry for being the largest manufacturers, exporters and wholesalers of Gold ,Silver, Brass Jewelry & Findings studded with precious and semi- precious stones. The JGF known for its finest collections and our team work has built a world-class manufacturing firm that specializes in high reliability and consistency for the world’s leading jewelry wholesaler, store and retailer, claims to have a unique jewelry customization capability, which has helped it in earning a reputation for satisfying maximum number of customers.

JGF was established in 2010 using modern technology and human craftsmanship, in combination with standard quality control to produce the finest pieces of jewelry. The JGF produced and captured domestic as well as international market. By gaining the market share of Silver, Brass Jewelry & finding studded with gemstone and spreading its network in countries like US, UK, Germany, Spain, Italy and many more destinations in north and south east Asia.